Free SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit

What is a SEO Audit?

A SEO audit evaluates the current health of your website in terms of SEO, your current position on Google search for the desired keywords and the improvements that can be made to improve your SEO, improve your Google rankings and drive more organic traffic from search engines.

What do you want from me for the SEO audit?

As the first step in the SEO audit, I need to know the following from you ;

Your ultimate objective :  This could be to increase your online presence, Improve search engine rankings, Get more traffic to your site etc.

Increase your online presence - If your business is already getting sales through physical customers and you want it to appear on Google search when someone searches for your brand name.

Improve search engine rankings - If your website depends on online visitors to make purchases you want to rank for your target keywords on Google.

What is included in the SEO Audit?

When you make the request, I'll audit your website and provide a detailed report covering the current status of your website ;

  • Quality of your site's content
  • Keyword distribution
  • Internal link structure
  • User friendliness
  • Strength of your backlink profile
  • Highest ranking keywords
  • Your key competitors on the web

Then I'll provide a SEO proposal including the estimated timeframe and budget to achieve your goals.

How long will it take to prepare the SEO audit?

As I'm preparing the audit manually, It usually takes 1-3 days for the SEO audit to complete. When you make the Audit request, I'll tell the rough time estimate to complete the audit.

Do I have to pay for the Audit?

Absolutely No. SEO audit is done free of charge.

Fill this Google form and I'll reach out to you with my Audit report.